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Paul Olson

Your neighborhood Realtor

Paul has been actively engaged in the Twin Cities real estate market for 11 years, having started as a Realtor at the age of 19.

Paul was born and raised on his family’s tiny dairy farm in the proverbial middle-of-nowhere. On the farm, the intense work ethic that had been handed down by his Norwegian-immigrant great grandparents was alive and well. This work ethic has formed the foundation of Paul’s professional life ever since. Paul moved to the Twin Cities at the age of 18.

Having worked and lived all over the Twin Cities, Paul is well-versed in all of the benefits that Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer. Paul loves to sell homes from East St. Paul to Minnetonka,and everything in between! Paul’s greatest strengths in real estate are his calm demeanor, his ability to advocate and negotiate on his clients’ behalf, and his ability to quickly think outside of the box to overcome hurdles.

Paul was a successful Realtor for three years, then took a break after the sub prime mortgage crisis. Paul took advantage of the shift to rentals in the market in 2009 to become a successful residential property manager with Minnesota Brokerage Group. Paul took on challenging new acquisitions made by the company for many years, and led a successful team consisting of seven employees. He also assisted in the sale of several multi-million dollar apartment communities during his time as a portfolio manager with Minnesota Brokerage Group. In 2016, Paul decided to re-enter the residential property sales market, and has sold many homes and commercial properties since.

What makes Paul odd?
He can tell you his top five favorite vintages of red Bordeaux, and give an explanation of why on each!

“First as our landlord, and then as our Realtor, Paul has been responsive and attentive to all of our needs. He helped in making the home buying experience so much easier.”
– Andrew and Allie

Paul Olson
The Odd Couple Team
1460 Grand Ave.
St. Paul MN 55105

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