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Best Privacy Shrubs

Twin Cities are zone 4:


Privacy shrubs – shortest to highest:


Winter Red Winterberry Holly

Height 6-8ft (width 6-8ft)

If planted close together, make a thick wall of beautiful red berries. The leaves fall of in winter to expose vast branches of rubies that make wonderful centerpieces and wreathes, and attract birds bringing your yard to life even in the dead of winter.


Emerald Green Arborvitae

Height of 8-12ft (width of 3-4ft)

Minimal maintenance, these tall bushes never need trimming. Make a clean, simple privacy wall by planting these three feet apart, and are resistant to damage from winter weather.


Skyrocket Juniper

Height of 15ft (width of 2-3ft)

Completely maintenance free, these stunning bushes have zero problems with insects, are drought resistant, and have beautiful blue-green leaves.


Norway Spruce

Height of 50ft (width of 25ft)

For maximum height for privacy and utilized as a wind breaker, these shrubs are unmatched.

They are very cold tolerant, perfect for Minnesota homeowners with larger yards. And they can be used as outdoor Christmas trees!

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