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    Building A Deck – DIY vs Hiring a Contractor


    With the glorious, warm sunshine that will be coming this May, eating lunch or dinner out on your deck, or sharing cocktails with friends, will be the highlight of your day! If you don’t currently have a deck, but have been thinking about adding one on, here is some helpful information on pros and cons of building DIY (do-it-yourself) or hiring a contractor.

    Hiring A Contractor

    Pros Cons
    Licensed Paying for Labor
    Time Efficient  
    Experienced – Less Error  
    Less Stressful  


    DIY (do-it-yourself)


    Pros Cons
    More Affordable More Time
    Fun Project More Opportunity for Error
    Gain Experience Stressful


    Cost Estimates – 8’ X 10’ Deck    

    Using Contractor: $750 – $975

    DIY: $425 – $580

    Using Contractor: Average $31 per square foot – $2,480

    DIY: Average $15 per square foot – $1,240

    DIY with their free plans: $1,000-$3,000


    If you have decided to Do It Yourself, we applaud your ambition and are excited for such a fun experience for you! Here is a helpful, short tutorial giving an overview of how to build your deck!

    Craig Heffernan,


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