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Painting Bathroom Tile – DIY

Want to update your tile without completely replacing them? Here is an option for the Do-It-Yourselfer – painting over the existing tile! No sanding. No tile saw. No grout.

Now this project is not meant for those who would label themselves as perfectionists. This has a textured finish and light brush strokes that show in the finished product. But for the adventurous, easy-going fixer upper, this may be the answer you have been looking for!

Here is a glimpse of the finished product:



Supplies Needed:

Painters tape

Angled brushes

Foam roller – soft, light texture, not solid foam

Paint tray

Chalked Paint (I used Rust-oleum Chalked – Aged Gray)

Polyurethane for floors (even if you are only doing wall tile, the formula for floors is made for trafficked areas so it should hold up longer)


Step 1: Clean the tile. Any standard tile cleaner will do, no need to heavy duty cleaner. Make sure to allow the tile to dry thoroughly before painting.


Step 2: Tape off edges meeting drywall, trim, vanity, tub, and/or toilet. Remove outlet covers.


Step 3: Paint grout with angled brush. Be sure to blend the paint that covers tile so you don’t get heavy lines on the finished product.


Step 4: Use foam roller to paint over the rest of the tile surface.


Step 5: Allow to dry for 30-60 mins. You can see that I needed a second coat because the center of the tile still shows through with the old color.


Step 6: Second coat of paint only using foam roller. (My tile needed two coats of paint, depending on what colors you choose and the existing tile color, this second coat may be unnecessary.)


Step 7: Allow to dry for several hours (I let mine dry overnight)


Step 8: Use foam roller to coat with a thin layer of polyurethane. (Be careful not to push to firmly or spread too thin as it can push off the chalked paint revealing the old tile underneath)


Step 9: Allow to dry for 3 hours.


Step 10: Using a new foam roller, apply a second coat of the polyurethane.


Step 11: Allow to dry for 3 hours, then remove tape from walls, trim, etc.


After 3 hours, you can gently walk on the finished product, but wait for 24 hours before replacing and plastic or metal storage/décor (or replacing outlet covers) on top of the finished product.


Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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