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Trending Paint Colors for 2017

Spring is 6 weeks away according to Punxsutawney Phil. And with spring cleaning brings the inspiration to refresh our walls with new paint shades!

What do three well known paint brands believe to be trending colors for 2017? Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Sherwin Williams have different perspectives, but all agree on what’s trending. If you look at Benjamin Moore, their emphasis is on stages of light they are calling “The Theater of Light” – morning light, afternoon light, sunset, and evening light. Behr has the “Lifestyles Collection” – comfortable, composed, and confident pallets. And Sherwin Williams “Colormix Color Forecast” calls for Noir, Holistic, Intrepid, and Unbounded.

Each company has a unique look at these gorgeous colors; however, the colors themselves come down to 3 main categories:

  • Light Neutrals for giving the illusion of natural light in less sunlit rooms, or to emphasize the natural light to create warmth, alertness, and cheery emotions from those who dwell in them.
  • Dark Neutrals for creating calming and quieted areas. Whether creating a restful energy in a bedroom, or a soothing, quiet haven in a study, dark neutrals such as deep purples, blues, and greens are top picks for tranquil spaces.
  • Bold Accents colors highlight specific walls and bring spice to an otherwise common room. These accent colors can be used on a wall, furniture, rugs, or wall décor to draw the eyes across a room.

Start planning on refreshing your home with these beautiful colors, and create the mood for each room!

Light Neutrals
Dark Neutrals
Bold Accent Colors



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