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Your Neighbors Could Help Your Home to Sell

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Have you been considering selling your home? Your neighbors could help you prepare for positive showings and a higher appraisal! Studies have shown that appraisals can return 5%-10% lower based off the condition of your neighborhood. This means if your neighbors have taken great care of the exterior of their homes and have neat, beautiful landscapes, your home will be appraised at its full potential because of their efforts to keep the neighborhood attractive! Talk about a Win-Win situation!

Neighbors can also be very helpful word of mouth for the sale of your home. What’s a better way to advertise your home and community than for your neighbor to tell their family and friends about living in such a place!

Here are a few suggestions on how to work with your neighbors to sell your home:

  • Neighborhood clean-up party – provides a great impression of you to your neighbors when you are willing to lend a hand in improving the neighborhood.
  • Offer to help a neighbor with any improvements their home may need. Plan a neighborhood painting party to help a neighbor refresh their exterior. Or if you are hiring a landscaper for your own yard, offer a little spruce up of a neighbor’s lawn and cover the cost.
  • Hold a special open house for your neighbors to view your interior even before your home gets officially listed on the market, and entice them to stop in by offering appetizers and beverages.

These suggestions are a small time and financial investment that has an excellent rate of return on the sale of your home.

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